THURSDAY BASICS: Switch to Filtered

I am going over one of the first and most basic changes I recommend to my newest clients: SWITCH TO FILTERED.

We're talking water, of course. We're talking nix the straight up tap water, instead filtering it so it's of gentler support to your body. There are lots of reasons, first and foremost because of chlorine. This chemical is found in our tap water and thank goodness it is – to be clear, this prevents our water supply from contamination which means it saves us from disease and infection from bacteria that could be found in our water supply. Adding chlorine to our drinking water means we can prevent getting sick from water-borne diseases like cholera, E.coli and Giardia. Really quite brilliant, yes. But all of this disinfecting comes with a price.  

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Customize your own Beet Kvass Brew

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of participating in our city’s first Fermentation Festival. What a brilliant way to spend a weekend day, hanging out with fellow Gut Geeks to talk nerdy about the microbiome. It really felt like a celebration of all things I love - culture, community and the power of good food.

This blog post delves into ways to customize your own Beet Kvass Brew and targeting specific organs or health concerns you may have on the go. Click on the image for the full run down of ideas and inspiration.

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This Intro to GoodFoods Series. Today, we ferment.

This whole Intro to GoodFoods series I am developing in 2017 is based on the idea behind how best food and nutrition can serve our needs when it comes to reducing inflammation. And when I talk of reducing inflammation, I also speak to the importance of digesting like a pro. This is about the power of our food choices and food preparation ways in order to best support our health journey on this planet. It involves people, farmers, producers, cooks and dedicating a bit of every day in to the kitchen. This is #foodismedicine my friend.

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MONDAY BASICS: choose sprouted or fermented grains.

Talking about grains is a tricky thing these days. Do you sometimes feel like the path to figuring out the answer may be booby trapped? I know I do. There is a lot of information to sift through out there, and my hope is that as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, I can help clear the muddy waters a bit and help you figure out what could work for you as an individual. So let's delve in to the question that comes up most often in casual conversations: what is my stance on grains.

May I propose we take a gander at how to make grains more easily digestible. There are no caveats here, no judgments, no moral high roads or anything. I just want to explore the science behind ancient grain preparation methods, and why they may be a way for you to be able to include grains in yours and your family's diet. This post is not for everyone; but the information found within may help explain a bit behind the idea of traditional food preparation methods, and the wisdom found within. May there be a light at the end of this blog post for you, dear reader.

Let's talk about the wisdom of sprouted and/or fermented grains.

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