Reclaim your food and body groove.



Luka Symons is a C.H.N. Certified Holistic Nutritionist for people who are looking to reclaim their food and body groove. 

What does Holistic Nutrition mean? It's looking at how the mind, body and spirit connect in you as a unique individual, and to find ways to support that return to centre. It is science-based, observation-based and heart-based. We do that detective work to find out what are the nutrient deficiencies that are contributing to your current health status. Your best tools? Whole foods, sweet slumber, and finding those all-important ways to connect in order to be your sparkly self.

Luka is on a mission to help people be their very best selves by audaciously taking control of their own health and putting those building blocks in place for both quantity and quality of life. 



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