My work in Holistic Nutrition is to arm you with the ways the good foods can support you in keeping chronic inflammation at bay. There is no greater tool in my toolkit than today’s topic of conversation. So if this topic is new to you, settle in for a good ride. If you add nothing else to your regimen in 2019, this will be 80% of the work.

It's time to Stock Up.

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THURSDAY BASICS: choose pastured.

This week's topic is one that can be a bit of a hot button topic for some, and while I love a good debate, I will be talking simpler here. The impetus behind these weekly blog posts is to get the discussion going on how to choose our foods and make those lifestyle choices that are in support of optimal health, not to stir the pot. So this week's topic is about choosing meats, and reaching for grass-fed or pastured options when you're able to.

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