THURSDAY BASICS: choose pastured.

This week's topic is one that can be a bit of a hot button topic for some, and while I love a good debate, I will be talking simpler here. The impetus behind these weekly blog posts is to get the discussion going on how to choose our foods and make those lifestyle choices that are in support of optimal health, not to stir the pot. So this week's topic is about choosing meats, and reaching for grass-fed or pastured options when you're able to.

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THURSDAY BASICS: reduce the packaged goods.

This whole series is about touching on some keystones that are important in reducing inflammation, and are key contributors to reducing your body's toxin load. All of these posts have been aimed at supporting gut health; loving your guts has a tendency to reverberate outwards, to all other systems in the body. Today, we're exploring why you may want to work on reducing the packaged goods in your pantry, and how to go about it.

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THURSDAY BASICS: Switch to Filtered

I am going over one of the first and most basic changes I recommend to my newest clients: SWITCH TO FILTERED.

We're talking water, of course. We're talking nix the straight up tap water, instead filtering it so it's of gentler support to your body. There are lots of reasons, first and foremost because of chlorine. This chemical is found in our tap water and thank goodness it is – to be clear, this prevents our water supply from contamination which means it saves us from disease and infection from bacteria that could be found in our water supply. Adding chlorine to our drinking water means we can prevent getting sick from water-borne diseases like cholera, E.coli and Giardia. Really quite brilliant, yes. But all of this disinfecting comes with a price.  

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