THURSDAY BASICS: soak seeds for smoothies

This post is for those early birds who are regular consumers of smoothies come morning time. This next in the series of #mondayhealthbasics goes over some basic easy steps you can take in order to make that smoothie really count and nourish you from head to toe. Today's tip will ensure you are better able to digest your morning elixir, and what kinds of things to add in order to make that breakfast smoothie sustain you for longer periods.  

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MONDAY BASICS: snack well.

I am a big believer in feeding the hungry beast, aka your belly. It's 2016, you say. Your days are full up. You have places to be, people to see, and sometimes grabbing food on the go is what is called for. And I get that! Eating nutrient-dense meals when out and about can feel impossible at times.

But today's post is about being prepared: if you have the good things at hand, you will be snacking well. And snacking well will serve you well for the people to see and those things to do that are on today's agenda.

This post is meant to inspire a sort of template to think about, when it comes to packing snacks. Whether you're an all-day-nibbler, busy at work with clients and short breaks, traveling or out-and-about, this list of nutrient-dense munchies is sure to nourish your body to get at the work at hand.

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