My work in Holistic Nutrition is to arm you with the ways the good foods can support you in keeping chronic inflammation at bay. There is no greater tool in my toolkit than today’s topic of conversation. So if this topic is new to you, settle in for a good ride. If you add nothing else to your regimen in 2019, this will be 80% of the work.

It's time to Stock Up.

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MONDAY BASICS: make your own seasoning mixes.

This week's easy tweak is a fairly simple thing you can do in your kitchen, in order to bring down the list of additives and other nefarious ingredients in your meals. We're looking to simplify here, friends. We're looking to eliminate food additives. We're looking to eliminate hidden sugars and genetically modified trickster ingredients. We're looking to keeping it real food, mes ami(e)s. In the spirit of the DIY, I present to you the idea of making your own seasoning mixes.

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