New Class Series for 2017


Kittens. I am putting together a new five-part series of classes for the new year, and I'd love for you to take part. Come to one, come to a few, or come to all five. There will be a bonus all-day Food and Gut Lab where we will play in the kitchen too. All in the name of optimal health!

I am running the classes one a month at one of my favourite spots in town, The Light Cellar starting mid-January. Particulars will be broadcast in the new few days, but I wanted to let you know right now of what I have cooking in the name of optimal health here for you.

For now, the deets:

WHAT IS IT: The Five Fundamentals of the power of food and food preparation, in order to best support your health journey.

WHAT IS IT CALLED: Intro to GoodFoods

WHAT EXACTLY DOES IT ENTAIL: the classes are broken down into 5 topics, and each class will run 2 to 3 hours in length. One weekend block a month from January to May.

IS IT HANDS ON? Some classes will be, some will feature demos. All will feature handouts and resources you can take home in order for you to easily integrate these concepts in to your own kitchens.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THESE CLASSES? This series of classes is for the person who is looking for direction on how to navigate the food world, and making it work for them and their family. This is for the person who needs support with a chronic health condition, anyone with inflammation in their body. Anybody with a sudden diagnosis wanting to know how best to support their bodies through the work ahead would find value in these classes. Anybody having a hard time sleeping, a hard time digesting, super farty or super gassy post-meals. Anybody with brain fog. Anyone looking to conceive soon. Anyone with new littles in their lives and wanting to make sure they are getting good nutrition. Anybody with an elder in their lives they are providing care for, wanting to know how best to support the body. Anybody with a body requiring good fuel for the day. These classes are for you if you are wanting to ensure vitality and health in aging. Really, these classes are for anyone wanting to understand how food choices and food preparation ways are important in supporting everyday good health.

WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF THESE CLASSES? Applicable knowledge and practical tools to make goodfood an easy and delicious thing. There is no abstaining here, just celebrating. And it's all delicious.

WHAT IS THE BASIS OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED? This information is steeped in the traditional food practice at the heart of the Weston A Price Foundation, and broken down into digestible morsels to provide you with the knowledge and how-to to be successful.

WHO IS LEADING THESE WORKSHOPS: Luka Symons, a dynamic yyc based Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. She loves food, good flavours and adores connecting with people. She comes by this information honestly, having worked through chronic pain and autoimmune issues for herself. She has witnessed the power of good food with her little one too!

Intro to GoodFoods Class #1:
The Basic Concepts of Traditional Food Preparation for Best Nutrition (January 14)

Intro to GoodFoods Class #2:
Navigating Fats (the good, the bad and the ugly) (February 26)

Intro to GoodFoods Class #3:
Optimizing Nutrition from Nuts + Seeds + Beans + Grains + Legumes (12 March)

Intro to GoodFoods Class #4
Fermented Foods - their power, the science and the how-to (April, TBA)

Intro to GoodFoods Class #5:
Eating for Nutrient Density - what does it mean? (May, TBA)

Intro to GoodFoods Gut + Food Lab:
A day in the kitchen, playing with foods and flavours (spring, TBA)

Mark your calendars. I am so stoked. You have no idea.