Video Podcast Feature - Recreate Your Relationship to Food


Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Malcolm Saunders, one of the owners and creative visionary at one of my favourite local shops, The Light Cellar. If you have yet to walk through the front doors at the Light Cellar and find yourself in Calgary, I urge you to check them out. The selection of products is carefully curated, sourced from reputable sources offering our bodies the nourishment to shine from within. Their staff are helpful, supportive and very knowledgeable. They are at 6326 Bowness Road in the North West. Tell 'em Luka sent you.

Malcolm has a new video podcast series of talks he calls Recreate Your Relationship to Food. He uses this platform to connect with local and not-so-local folks who are deeply entrenched in the world of nutrition, food, herbs, digestion and superfoods. Folks he has invited in through this series include Yarrow Willard of Harmonic Arts, Derek Fleming from New Earth Organics, Deborah Morgan from Kids Health Revolution to name a few. 

He asks really probing questions, they are well thought out and he expertly leads the conversation to dig deeper. I invite you to settle in for this recently published video podcast to hear a bit about my back story, and my philosophy on foods. Read below for the intro to the video, then make yourself a warm cuppa something delicious. And comment below on what this talk brings up for you! If you have any questions, or further observations, I'd love to know what you're thinking.

Many thanks to Malcolm for his generosity of spirit, and his curiosity. It was a super fun chat, as it usually is with Malcolm.


From The Light Cellar:

In this episode you will hear from Luka Symons where the first part of our conversation Luka shares what I described as the idyllic childhood in terms of being raised on whole foods. However what you will then hear is how she rebelled and her then subsequent journey with food and nutrition and how we all can learn from and grow from every choice and circumstance. 

From this interview I know you will find a lot of gems and value in what Luka shares about being a parent and helping our children with their food choices as well as we draw a parallel to society as a whole and where we’re at collectively in our cultural journey with food and nutrition. 

This was a very fun and lively conversation. Luka has fantastic energy and is a wealth of practical knowledge which you are about to discover through this interview.

You will learn:
- When is it too late in your own journey and relationship with food
- The role of a nutritional consultant as it relates to your journey
- How to empower your children on their own journey with food and nutrition including accepting the rebelling
- What is leaky gut - what is it specifically, what does it mean and how you can begin to heal it
- The role of bacteria and the gut in physical, mental and emotional health
- The connection between food traditions, generations and our collective cultural journey and how that is playing out for each of us individually
- The deeper aspects of food and its environment and how it affects us
- and so much more!