Ok change of plans. I knew this would happen at least once this month. This morning, I posted on my Facebook page that tonight was movie night and pizza night at our house, as it usually is on Fridays. A long-standing tradition in fact, going on 7 years very soon. Well pizza and movie night got moved to Saturday night this week, as my little got an invitation to go out for dinner with her cousins and grandparents. Well who wouldn't pass that up! Lucky kid.

So instead of making that calabrese salad today, I will be making it tomorrow, and plan to post about it on Monday. Tonight's plans became insta-date-night. When it comes to meals, in a pinch, I go with what I have on my mind.  On my mind was this afternoon's lovely time spent with just a few of the regular gaggle on Friday afternoons, as I have been leading the Cooking Elective for the Junior High students at the local Waldorf school for the last three months. We have made quite a few tasty treats, from ferments (yea we did) to power snacks and electrolyte drinks to eggs and more. Today, seeing as we were down to just 3 of our regular gang, I decided instead we would make a meal for someone in our community who would benefit from a from-scratch kinda dinner. The recipient was found; I asked her if she had any requests, went through a few different kinds of cuisine, and her ears perked up at Greek food. Greek food it is!

We got down to work right after lunch. We made scrumptious Greek Meatballs with ground pork from locals Prairie Roots, and a zinger of a batch of tzatziki. Tucked them into their little foil package for our delivery, planned at 3 o'clock. To go along with this, the students prepared a greek salad with quinoa featuring fresh cukes and peppers from Broxburn in Lethbridge, goat feta from Springbank Cheese here in town, and leftover tomatoes from our last class. The quinoa we used for today's recipe was a sprouted quinoa; I chose sprouted as it is so much easier to digest and we can get to the nutrients in quinoa and all other grains more readily if they're soaked or sprouted. They're much kinder to your digestive tract, and less likely to cause tummy upset. Handy, I recently discovered sprouted quinoa at Amaranth Whole Foods, in their bulk section. Woot woot!

At these classes, we usually get to eat what it is we made that day. But today, seeing as we were down quite a few students due to scheduled field trips, I thought it a perfect opportunity to make a meal for someone in our community who could use the support. Which meant we only got to taste the items we made, and package the rest for our friend and her family. So when I got home, I rummaged around and found most of the ingredients in my cupboard and made the Greek Salad with Quinoa and a side of tzatziki. It was scrumptious, and perfect for a warm supper on the patio.

Thanks to Lisa at Wine and Glue for this delicious clean whole foods recipe.  And to our friend and her family, bon appetit! Link to the recipe is below.

Source: http://www.wineandglue.com/2014/07/greek-s...