MONDAY BASICS: Ditch the Dryer Sheets

This week's #mondayhealthbasics post is a practical in-house thing you can easily swap out or eradicate from your home. It's something we don't usually think too much about, as it isn't something we eat. See, when it comes to household cleaners and cleaning products, there is no need to list the ingredients that go into the making of your product. It isn't something that will be ingested! Well, not in a 'let's put it in the soup and salad' kind of way. Not intentionally. We're talking dryer sheets my friends. What they are, why you want to get rid of them, and some simple swaps you can add to your cupboard this weekend and know you've reduced the toxin load in your home already.

(And yes, you will ingest some of the stuff from your dryer sheets or fabric softeners. Read on for more info.)

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