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Curious to know what a Holistic Nutritionist can do for you? Why not book your FREE 15 minute Meet & Greet at the clinic. I'm here every Thursday day, the occasional Saturday and Monday night Skype appointments too.

Who would benefit from seeing a Holistic Nutritionist, you ask? The list is so long, we'd be better off to just say listen, if you have a digestive tract, you could benefit from seeing a Holistic Nutritionist.

But to be serious about it, Holistic Nutrition can be a wonderful support for folks who have just received a new diagnosis and aren't sure how to navigate the new waters; what you eat and how you digest has a big part to play in supporting your body towards wellness. People who are suffering with chronic pain, skin eruptions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, hives could get some dietary support. Those who have a hard time digesting (and you would know because you are too embarrassed to be in public because of the gases your body emits without your permission). That can also show up as having 1 or less bowel movements a day too. Or that beasty acid reflux comes roaring through most nights. Holistic Nutrition can help! Having a hard time with hormones? This can translate to fertility issues, the need to take three days off life when “Aunt Flo” comes to visit, mood swings or low moods, hands and feet are always cold, slower metabolism, can't shake those last 10 pounds. Caring for a little one who has just been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia? Schizophrenia? Autism? Depression? I assure you Holistic Nutrition can be an ally in supporting a person figuring how nutrition can be of support.

If systemic low-grade inflammation is a part of the picture for you (and the list of conditions that have an inflammatory component are so long but I will try to give a perfunctory list: acne, asthma, allergies, alzheimer's, ankylosing spondylitis, arthritis, autism, cancer, celiac and crohn's, depression, dementia, IBS/IBD, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, CFS, MS, ALS and neuropathy, GERD, gallbladder issues, thyroid problems, lupus, pancreatitis, psoriasis, scleroderma, strokes, autoimmune diseases. As you can see, the list is long and comprehensive; inflammation is certainly a big contributor to many if not most chronic diseases and illnesses out there. Inflammation can certainly be addressed via nutrition, from eliminating those foods that are contributing to the inflammatory picture and putting in those nutrients and foods that will help do that reparative work that needs to happen in order to bring your digestive system back to centre and working optimally to protect you from the outside world. Because, as I like to often say, we are a donut; our digestive tract is a part of the outside world. It is our one-cell-thick barrier called the intestinal tract that protects us from the outside world, and Holistic Nutrition can certainly be a major tool in your toolkit to best protect that intestinal lining to be the guardian of your inner world.

Essentially, you and I will work together to put our digestive detective hats on to figure out what isn't working, and how we can best approach increased health and wellness for you. Oh yes, there is work. But it is good work. And fun work. I mean, you get to play with your food! Sure there are restrictions, but let me tell you, there is liberal use of delicious in all of this. I work to make this a do-able and attainable task, to better manoeuvre through your days and clear up some of those misconceptions about food. I regularly recommend good soups, butter, simple meals, fermented delights, good fats, loads of veg, smart protein choices (oh yes I like meat!) and un-cluttering your life. I support you as we identify your unique needs as a human on this planet, in 2015. Or 2016. Or hopefully, for a long time yet. Think quality and quantity of life. It is my wish for you.

I'm here for you! Let's figure out how we can better navigate you towards improved health and relief from your current health woes. Contact Renewal Homeopathy & Wellness today to book your FREE 15 minutes appointment. 403.202.8507.


I look forward to being your cheerleader!