Customize your own Beet Kvass Brew

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of participating in our city’s first Fermentation Festival. What a brilliant way to spend a weekend day, hanging out with fellow Gut Geeks to talk nerdy about the microbiome. It really felt like a celebration of all things I love - culture, community and the power of good food.

This blog post delves into ways to customize your own Beet Kvass Brew and targeting specific organs or health concerns you may have on the go. Click on the image for the full run down of ideas and inspiration.

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The VITALITY Sessions: A New Series (or - a little story about me.)

Consider this a health & wellness guide for your body, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes and every nook and cranny in between. Whether you're well versed in life things or looking to make sure your dance card is full with life for a long time, I invite you to join me at the kitchen counter to talk about all things Optimal Health and Vibrant Aging.

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This Intro to GoodFoods Series. Today, we ferment.

This whole Intro to GoodFoods series I am developing in 2017 is based on the idea behind how best food and nutrition can serve our needs when it comes to reducing inflammation. And when I talk of reducing inflammation, I also speak to the importance of digesting like a pro. This is about the power of our food choices and food preparation ways in order to best support our health journey on this planet. It involves people, farmers, producers, cooks and dedicating a bit of every day in to the kitchen. This is #foodismedicine my friend.

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