Is Holistic Nutritional Consultation for you?

Have chronic pain, but can’t figure out how to bring down the ouch factor? Nutrition can help. Have bad acne, or chronic constipation, or super stinky B.O. and can’t figure out what’s happening? Digestive upsets on a regular basis? Regular and persistent infections you just can’t shake? The list of foods that your body doesn’t reject keeps getting shorter and shorter? Migraines stop you in your tracks on a regular basis? Low moods or nervous tendencies? Contemplating starting a family? Recently received a diagnosis of severe illness and not sure how to navigate these new waters? Holistic Nutritional Consultation can help in all of these cases, and certainly more. Our work will be to put our detective hats on, and figure out what are the nutrient deficiencies that are contributing to your current health status, and how to best go about revving things back up again. Hippocrates said it best: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." 

My story

Food and I go back a long. long way. I grew up in a home where “from scratch” was de rigueur and tending our handful of acres of vegetables was my family’s summer work. The importance of the family supper table really set the stage for how relationships and food can bring people together. Through my early teen years of seeing food as the enemy and opting for the convenience and “coolness” factor in my 20s, I sat in the driver’s seat as I felt myself spinning out of control. My health started to deteriorate — chronic pain was the new norm, skin eruptions a daily battle and this constant need to feed what seemed like the uncontrollable beast in my gut was starting to overtake my brain.

Through years of searching for ways to manage my chronic pain and declining health, culminating in a degree at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I finally came to understand how each person is biochemically unique. I understand how imperative it is that we take responsibility for our own health. I’m now on the path to taking charge of my own health and invite you to do the same. I offer consults for individuals and families; email followup, meal plans, recipes, cooking classes and workshops — unique support just for you!

Curious to know just what is Holistic Nutritional Consulting? What does it mean to be a C.H.N.C.? Make your way to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition's website to get the low-down on our approach, our way of looking at the body and our scope of practice. (C.H.N.C. stands for Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant.)




Luka Symons is a Calgary-based C.H.N.C. Holistic Nutrition Practitioner for people who are wondering where their food and body groove has disappeared to. Through her uplifting & informative workshops, talks and one-on-one consults, she's here to shake up your approach to food and your gorgeous self -- while making it all feel like a walk in the park.

As a former radio host and child #3 of 4, she isn't known for being quiet nor shy. When she's not being all nutrition-y, you can find her daydreaming of driving a new red scooter with a milk crate full of books on the back with her two favourites in tow (husband & daughter), on the hunt for the best cup of joe on the planet.

Get in touch + get ready to get that food and body groove back my friend.

Luka works one-on-one with clients via private consultation and meal planning; she offers classes in a few different venues around town. Check her classes/events for workshops on helping you reach for optimal health.

Luka is on staff as the resident Holistic Nutritional Consultant at Renewal Homeopathy & Wellness, and is on staff as one of the instructors at The Light Cellar.

What people are saying:

"Thank you so much for being such an amazing nutritionist! The amount of work you put into this is so amazing and greatly appreciated, I will read and reread, and soak it all in!!!" - Shereen, Calgary

"The more I hear and read about fermenting – the more I wish I had been doing this all along.   Most definitely the health of your gut is a key determinant for the overall health of our bodies.   And I admit, that it always feels like a big deal to get started with fermented foods, but with the recent rounds of illness in my daughters from low immunity to gastro issues, I am determined to make this a part of our daily diet.   Not only does Luka have the formula for fun and fermentation – she easily takes it down to your kitchen and your skills, opening up a whole new excitement around food and health for your whole family." - Cindy, Calgary

"What resonated the most with me was about putting love into the food we make. I thought it (fermentation) would be harder to do, but it was all great! You made it fun - I really had a great time." - M., Calgary

"Fabulous teaching. Your passion shines through." - Glenda, Calgary

"Luka is amazing, gregarious and intoxicating! She is passionate about nutrition, and does extensive reading and research. Once she is very sure about the accuracy of her information, she eagerly shares her knowledge and ideas with everyone. I find her enthusiasm contagious, and her tips motivate me along in my healthy eating journey. Her workshops are always intimate and full of clear information. She definitely practices what she suggests in the form of healthy and wholesome eating. Luka is always encouraging and exciting, and we should all have such a wonderful friend in our lives!" - Susan, Calgary