THURSDAY BASICS: love your heart.

Ah, summertime. A time of lolling about, eating fresh foods, taking some time away to spend it solo or with someone you fancy. Time for family get-aways. Puttering around in the garden. Late night games on the deck under cheesy patio lanterns. Trips out to the cottage/chalet/cabin/camp. Refreshing dips in a lake or river, maybe even an ocean. A daily nap in the hammock. Long days and sunshine. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Am I right?

Through the Traditional Chinese Medicine lens, summer is the season of the heart. In today's #mondayhealthbasics blog post, we will look at how Holistic Nutrition can best support your ever-lovin heart.

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THURSDAY BASICS: Ditch the Dryer Sheets

This week's #mondayhealthbasics post is a practical in-house thing you can easily swap out or eradicate from your home. We're talking dryer sheets my friends. What they are, why you want to get rid of them, and some simple swaps you can add to your cupboard this weekend and know you've reduced the toxin load in your home already.

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THURSDAY BASICS: put up the harvest.

It's that time of the year, my dear. It's the time when the price of produce is at its best, and local or BC-grown produce is within reach! The blog post today is meant to inspire you to take full advantage of Mother Nature's bounty and gifts, and to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year. Friends, it's time to put up the harvest.

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