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Take Out Fake Out #2: THAI

You feel yourself drawn to complex flavours. You love the aromatic ingredients used in Thai foods – the salty, the spicy, the fresh crunch, the colours and the combinations of flavours and textures.

You are a self-professed foodie, and are game to try new flavours. Maybe you're looking to add new tools to your kitchen toolkit! I think I may have something that interests you...

Is this you: You dream of traveling the world to chase flavour, it is one of your favourite things to do. Going to Thailand is on your to-do list. You love to experience life and different cultures through trying different flavours, experimenting with different ways of preparing food.

Or is this you: You could get takeout from that brilliant Thai restaurant on the way home EVERY. DANG. DAY. And never get tired of it.

green thai curry.jpg

What if I told you you can make this at home. With delicious ingredients, ones you can source easily. Ingredients that not only give good flavour, but also help reduce inflammation + nourish deeply. Let's do it! (This is, in passing, how I encourage you to play with your food!)

This is the second in the series TAKE OUT FAKE OUT. Let's chase Thai flavours, and learn how to masterfully pull together a delicious Pad Thai. Let's upgrade that Meat Stock and turn it into Tom Kha Gai, a traditional creamy Thai Soup with deep flavours! Let's really up that nutritional ante by first building a Green Thai Curry Paste, and then turning it into a satisfying curry. De-inflaming has never been so delicious!

$60 per person, with limited class size. Happening in a private home. Get in touch below if you're interested in joining in!

tom kha gai ingredients.jpg

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Take Out Fake Out #3: VIETNAMESE