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Embracing Life, A Modern Day Approach to Creating Ease in Your Daily Life

A weekend workshop for women to explore how to dive
beneath the waves to find peace and stillness 
EVERY DAY, no matter what.

Join us for two days with local experts as they share:
 * the truth in those big emotions
* how to optimize your sleep
* nutrition that supports resiliency
* how our body stores stress
* how to use hypnosis for healing
* your breath as a tool
* mindfulness through yoga nidra 

A Sense of Wellbeing
Deep Relaxation
Ease and Peacefulness

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More Information and Tickets are available though Blissful Body’s website by clicking here.

Tickets are $135 for the two day event, includes a healthy breakfast, lunch and refreshments for both days. You can also come for one day only: you'll receive all the workshop materials for both days. Cost is $75 for one day.


You have a few things in place to help support your best self thus far. The good practices to reduce stress, make more 'me' time, connecting + playing with others, staying active, and reducing toxins in your life.

How can you add to this?

Sound nutrition has a major role in determining your level of health. When you reach for those foods that nourish you deeply, you are fuelling each and every cell of your body to work in supporting you with balanced health, including nourishing you for vitality + resiliency.

Know this: it doesn't have to be complicated. Luka, our resident Holistic Nutrition gal will lead us through some easy ways food and nutrition can be of support when it comes to building resiliency. You will learn which foods can best be of service, and how your food choices and food prep ways can really nourish you from deep within. She will share five strategies you can easily put in place to help support this resiliency. (psst - it involves chocolate!)

It all starts with an Elixir for Deep Nutrition. Bring your appetite and curiosity!

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