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Take Out Fake Out #1: INDIAN

You love food. You are a flavour-chaser. There's nothing better than digging in to a bowl of just-made Butter Chicken, with a side of Aloo Gobi. And then a spicy daal. And maybe some Palak Paneer too. Pile that plate high with the fragrant delicious foods!

Is this you: When it comes time to pick your favourite place to eat because it's, say, your birthday, you always choose to go for Indian food.

Or is this you: Your favourite thing to do at the end of the week is to pick up some Indian take out on the way home. Every Friday. All the days.

indian food.jpg

What if I told you you can make this at home. With some brilliant ingredients. Ingredients that not only give good flavour, but also help reduce inflammation + nourish deeply. Let's do it! (This is, in passing, how I encourage you to play with your food!)

This is the first in the series TAKE OUT FAKE OUT. Let's chase Indian flavours, learn the ins and outs of making curry pastes (so easy! so delicious!) and how to go about using them. On the menu today, we'll be making a full fat Butter Chicken from scratch, a Tikka Masala curry paste, maybe even a Vindaloo paste. Let's parlay that into a batch of curried greens we'll call Palak, and a nightshade-free Aloo Gobi. So delicious!

$40 per person, with limited class size. Happening in a private home. Get in touch below if you're interested in joining in!


indian spices.jpg

I look forward to seeing you there!