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The VITALITY Sessions: Balancing Blood Sugars

  • The Light Cellar 6326 Bowness Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T3B 0E5 Canada (map)

Finding you need to resort to a cup of coffee mid-afternoon to help get your energy back up? Is 'hangry' a word in your daily vocabulary? Mind racing in the middle of the night, waking you up? Had someone tell you recently to 'get your sugars under control!'?

This class is for you. The VITALITY Sessions: Balancing Blood Sugars class is an afternoon in the kitchen to learn the food ways you can implement in your everyday life to help keep these sugars in check. Let's arm you with tools to help take you off that see-saw of emotions, improve sleep, help keep your energy levels more balanced. Let's tame that Blood Sugar Beast!

Join Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to garner important foods, spices, teas and elixirs as well as lifestyle tips in order to best working on taming this beast. Balancing blood sugars is one of those cornerstones that help reduce inflammation. When you work at reducing chronic low grade inflammation in the body, you are working at increasing both quality and quantity of life. This is important work to keep chronic diseases at bay. This couldn't be a more delicious class!

Luka will demo a few recipes you can easily follow in your own kitchen. Expect a list of targeted foods to help with the work, and recipes aimed at supporting this balancing act. Let's set you up for success in keeping the beast's requests at bay, and keep your engine running clean.

Cost is $40 per person, seating is limited. Reserve your spot at the kitchen counter by contacting The Light Cellar at 403.453.1343, or clicking on this link for full class details and registration.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Luka is passionate about health and taking the mystery out of nutrition. She’s an entertaining and energetic speaker who has a gift for clarity. The time flies.” - Carmen

I was struck, again, with how good your information is and how well you present it. I thought I should let you know how much we appreciate your work. Your information is always excellent, and it clearly comes from well-researched knowledge and experience. It’s a lot of very, very important information that you not only summarize succinctly but also make it easy, enjoyable and memorable to read.” - K.A.

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