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The Vitality Sessions: HISTAMINES

  • The Light Cellar 6326 Bowness Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T3B 0E5 Canada (map)

How long have you been battling hives, or complaining of hay fever come spring time? Are you plagued by migraines more than you care to be? Heard the hubbub about fermented foods, tried them, only to find out they wreak havoc on your digestive system, increase your pain or just can't handle them?

There may be a histamine component contributing to the picture for you. This class is for you.

The VITALITY Sessions: HISTAMINES is a workshop aimed at giving you the starting tools to help understand the basics of just what is happening in the picture of someone struggling through histamine issues.

The concept of histamine issues is a multi-faceted and complicated one; while they are an integral component of regular bodily function, for some, histamine build up or intolerance issues can certainly have a negative impact on their quality of life. At this class, we'll go over the basics of just what is happening when you can't handle high histamine foods like ferments; we'll talk about what may be contributing to the current histamine issues, and look to the foods, herbs and spices Mother Nature provides in order to help better manage these issues in the body. Histamines are just one of the ways our bodies like to send smoke signals so as to let us know we have a little inflammation going on.

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Join Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner in the Light Cellar teaching kitchen, as she will demo a few recipes you can easily follow in your own kitchen in order to help deal with the excess histamines. We'll go over which foods to include, which ones to put to the side, and talk about those organs involved in the picture of histamine issues. You will leave armed with a five point plan to start putting in place in order to help keep histamine intolerance at bay.

Imagine reducing the number of migraines a month so that you can more readily participate in your life. Work on curbing the hayfever blues in time for spring 2019. And let's talk about how you can work towards incorporating those all important fermented foods in your daily regimen, once and for all!

Cost is $40 per person, seating is limited. Reserve your spot at the kitchen counter by contacting The Light Cellar at 403.453.1343, or clicking on this link for full class details and registration.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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"Thank you so much for staging these sessions. Your knowledge, encouragement and recipes are the one bright light in my life right now." - Lori

"She is passionate about nutrition, and does extensive reading and research. Once she is very sure about the accuracy of her information, she eagerly shares her knowledge and ideas with everyone." - Susan