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Defeat the Blood Sugar Beast

Is 'hangry' a word in your daily vocabulary?
Can't say no to the pastry tray in the lunch room?
Think everyone else also starts their day with 10 cups of coffee?
Get the 'shakes' between meals on a regular basis?
Wake up in the middle of the night hungry, craving snacks?
Find you're having to resort to another cup of coffee mid-afternoon to help get your energy back up?
Recently diagnosed with Type I or Type II Diabetes and not sure where to go next?
Someone tell you recently to watch out for Metabolic Syndrome?
Feel your life is kinda high-stakes, or your stress levels keep going through the roof?

Answered yes to at least one of these questions?
Then have I got the workshop for you.

Join me, Luka Symons, local Holistic Nutrition Practitioner for an afternoon discussion on Defeating The Blood Sugar Beast. This is all about inflammation, my friend. We will be talking about natural ways to balance those blood sugar levels through dietary choices, tips and tricks, as well as lifestyle recommendations that will set you up for success in keeping those blood sugar beasts' requests at bay, and keep your engine running clean.

I will be demonstrating how to make your own full fat fermented dairy (and non dairy version) delicious delight I like to call Creme Fraiche. Sure to take out that blood sugar beast in one fell swoop.