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Be Your Own Soda-Maker: Learn How to Craft Probiotic Kombucha, Jun & Water Kefir Sodas

  • The Light Cellar 6326 Bowness Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T3B 0E5 Canada (map)

Who doesn’t love a little soda from time to time? But what if I told you, you can make a homemade version that is a kajillion* times better than the store-bought version? (*not scientifically proven yet, just rough estimate.)

These new upgraded healthy versions of sodas we all should be drinking are all actually fermented!

But why would you ferment them you ask? Well, the good bugs eat up most of the sugar you will be adding, and as they gobble that stuff up, they leave for you in return some beneficial acids, food enzymes, those all-important B vitamins and more good bugs. What’s not to love?

So bring on the probiotic-full Kombucha, Jun & Water Kefir!

These easy to make fermented beverages are some of the most delicious and rewarding things you can make at home.  

Join me, Luka Symons, for this upcoming workshop where you will leave armed with knowledge and smarts on how to make your own homemade soda that is naturally sweetened and has probiotic punch.

During the class there are many delightful samples to enjoy and you’ll receive your own packet of notes full of recipes and the reasons WHY it is important to include probiotic foods into your everyday menus. Everyone will craft their own batch of water kefir to take home, and you will receive the water kefir grains and a Jun/Kombucha SCOBY to continue making more sodas at home.

Register now by heading to The Light Cellar's website if you are interested in the magic behind fermentation and homemade sodas!