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Healthy Gut - Healthy Glow

  • ESME Beauty Bar 825 17 Street Southwest Calgary, AB, T3C Canada (map)

Secrets to Glowing From Within...

This is a special class in collaboration with the lovelies at Esmé Beauty Bar on 17th Ave in Calgary. We will be talking about the role foods can play in supporting skin health at this workshop; we will talk about good digestion basics, and why digestion is so important to skin health and overall wellness. We will talk about the importance of including fermented foods in your diet in order to best support you towards radiant health. The benefits of fermented foods are manifold: from supporting beautiful skin and joints, to improving digestion and assisting in lowering inflammation, these super gut guardians play an integral role in supporting overall optimal health.


Join me, local Holistic Nutritionist Luka Symons and the staff at Esmé Beauty Bar where we will talk skin essentials. I will demo how to make your own Dilly Beans at home: think green beans meet pickles, all fermenty-like, crunchy and delicious. This evening workshop will provide you with the basics of how to make your own simple ferments at home, with little fuss and incredible ease. Extra bonus: when you start including these foods in your regimen, you will be upping the nutritional ante of your meals, improving digestion, supporting a healthy immune system and helping balance hormones.

The cost is $50 per person, and includes notes on the benefits of fermented foods, as well as the recipe and how-to so you can successfully make your own fermented Dilly Beans at home. As a bonus, Esmé is providing each participant with a bag of custom-made skin essentials beauty products to take home! It's happening at Esmé Beauty Bar on Thursday February 11th. In order to book your spot at this informative workshop, contact Esmé directly at 403.264.5355 or via email to Tickets are limited; book now!

**This event caters to everyone, including those needing dairy free and gluten free.