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Benefits of Fermented Foods - an evening presentation

  • Elan Family Wellness #48, 7930 Bowness Rd NW Calgary, AB T3B 0H3 Canada (map)

Have you been hearing a lot lately on the pros of eating fermented foods? Caught wind of the recent scientific discoveries that point to the inextricable link between gut health and the state of our minds? Gut health and the state of our thyroid? The health of our skin? The list goes on and on. Recent studies indicate that yes indeed, there is a direct link between the state of our digestive system and our overall health.

Adding fermented foods to your daily regimen is one of those fundamental changes that will slowly and irrefutably support increasing your digestive function, thereby improving how you assimilate those foods you eat. Remember, you are what you assimilate! Fermented Foods are a cornerstone of my practice, and including them in your day's food choices is a critical component to supporting your sweet self to improved health and vitality.

Join me, local Holistic Nutritionist Luka Symons for a Friday night discussion on the benefits of fermented foods as we relay it to human history. We will also find out where to get these foods, and address how to safely start incorporating them in your day's meals. All of this, while I demonstrate how to make your very own batch of homemade sauerkraut. In attending this presentation, you will leave armed with knowledge and smarts, notes and recipes and practical ways to incorporate these foods in your every day regime.

Cost is $20 per person, and seating is limited. In order to reserve your spot, please contact Elan Family Wellness at 403.217.5577.

I look forward to seeing you there!