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PRIVATE CLASS - Dilly Beans + Kimchi (FF#25)

THIS IS A PRIVATE CLASS. At this class, we will be making two fermented foods, DILLY BEANS (think green beans meet pickles, all fermenty-like) and KIMCHI (Sauerkraut on a fiery mission). This is a kid-friendly and grill-friendly set of recipes, if you will. They are perfect accompaniments to all summer fares. And autumn. And winter. Even spring. Not to mention upping the nutritional ante of your meals. And improving digestion. And supporting a healthy immune system. And as you know, so many more benefits that come with consuming fermented foods. And if you don't know this yet, then have I got the class for you!

The cost is $60 per person, and includes all of your ingredients, tools, jars and recipes you will need to make DILLY BEANS and KIMCHI. You will take a few jars home of your OWN and get to pick your own flavours.

It's Friday evening, August 14th from 6.30 to 9.30.  

**This event caters to everyone, including those needing dairy free and gluten free! It's also a perfect beginner class for the novice fermenter, or someone well versed in marrying flavours and probiotics.