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EVENING PRESENTATION - Blood Sugar Regulation

  • Renewal Homeopathy & Wellness 150, 4625 Varsity Dr. NW Calgary, Alberta Canada (map)

Are you one of those people who get 'HANGRY' when you miss a meal? Sometimes feel like that uncontrollable urge to eat the croissant in the window is stronger than you? Dizzy or shaky once you realize six hours has gone by and you still haven't had lunch? Recently diagnosed with Type I or Type II Diabetes? Think having 8 cups of coffee in the morning is ok and something everyone does in order to get going? Find your mood is quite intricately linked with whether or not you'll be able to get that high-sugar or high-carb hit mid-afternoon? 

To be clear, if you said yes to any of these questions, first be wise and check in with your medical practitioner. There are myriad ways he or she may be able to help you figure out whether or not you need help balancing blood sugars. Why is balancing blood sugars so important? Well for one, our brain works primarily on glucose; when our supply spikes or crashes, there are regulatory systems in our bodies that send signals requesting quick sugar hits to bring the levels back up again; the same systems also help stave off at the pass those climbing blood levels but do this for too long, and you may run into trouble.

Blood sugar regulation can be remarkably well supported in part through our dietary choices. Join me, Luka Symons for an evening discussion on the importance of balancing our blood sugars through dietary choices, with lifestyle recommendations that will help set you up for success in keeping those blood sugar beasts' requests at bay and keep your engines running clean. You will leave this presentation armed with knowledge and smarts, notes and practical ways to incorporate these nutrient-dense foods in your every day regime. 

Cost is $20 per person, and seating is limited. In order to reserve your spot, please contact Renewal Homeopathy and Wellness at 403.202.8507

look forward to seeing you there!